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Biking to Beer and the Brazilian Buffet

I didn’t completely fail!  I ate mostly healthily.  Yesterday evening, I ended up biking 5.3 miles to play some bar trivia with some of my friends. I had fully intended to have at least two beers and bike back home as well. Then the damned sky broke and poured buckets of water on my bike saddle. The top cushion is gel with canvas to give some comfort to my poor, big butt. Sitting on it would have been like having a wet sponge wedged between your butt cheeks.

Super Cheap Liquid Malt Awesomeness: 153 kcal.

Well, after an abysmal trivia night (aka we didn’t place at all), I had drunk lots of water and only one PBR!  I was ahead! Except the caloric edge I won in not having so many beers, I lost in a car ride home. I didn’t want to get completely soaked on my way home home, so one big “YAY!”  for friends with bike racks.

I called in to work today. I had a terrible head ache waking up in the morning and I wasn’t going to be any good at work. Well, it was nice to lounge at home all day. I certainly needed that to get my head wrapped around things, too. Also, I needed a little me time. And then I got the text message: “Would you like to be my dinner date tonight?” It was to one of my favorite restaurants; they are just simply delicious and I didn’t have to pay a penny! Of course I said yes – to food and good company! I had no intentions of eating very little. All you can eat Brazilian restaurant and it’s all paid for!??!! Heck yeah. Someone really knows how to make a girl’s cellulite smile a little wider.

Now that I’ve had the lovely dinner, I can barely throw my weight around. I was so proud that I had only had 500 kcal prior to the whole dinner, though. And let me tell you, fat chicks can eat a lot. Like 3 buffet plates worth of. Ugh…. Now, if only my stomach would burn some of this a little faster! I think I will still be full in the morning. I still want to go outside for at least a short walk. I don’t want this day to go to a complete waste health wise 🙂


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