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I am an Excelling Wizard!

Well, don’t I feel like a silly smart fool at the moment.  I am pretty good with computers, and as much as I’ve had to use Excel for work and school in the past, I’m getting to be quite proficient in it. I just spent 15 minutes making a couple of formulas that minimizes user input, but gives instant statistics about my progress. *insert geeky smile here*

I should put my Programming Workflow Sheet in my Portfolio for Future

Sordid details: And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! I made a three-tabbed Excel sheet to track my measurements, food intake, and exercise.  Today, I polished my food intake tab quite a bit. I am not so concerned of protein:fat:carbohydrates ratio, so the sheet is relatively simple. I am just impressed that I only have to add the foods I’ve eaten and their calories on the sheet and then enter CTRL + ; for a date and my little sheet calculates how much weight I’ve lost to date, what my projected weightloss will be at the end of the week,  how many calories I am under (or over) my calories per day/week and so on. I am thinking of using conditional formatting to make it even spiffier and have all these fun little colors if my calorie intake or projections are over or under what I set it out to be.

Maybe I really should get my degree in programming. I really do enjoy the mental exercise of it. All math and logic, like little puzzles every day.

PS. I’ve been doing awesome yesterday and today. Yesterday, I sat on my ass a lot chatting on the computer, took a nap, went out biking, slept poorly (like usual), and only was 10 minutes late to work! 🙂


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