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Exercise for Pain Relief

Could someone pleaaaaase either get me pregnant or tear this ridiculous uterus out of my body? I’d love to get rid of these every 25 day cramps.

Thank god there’s exercise. I have known for a long time that the three things that really do help with the feeling that someone is clawing¬† your womb with rusty nails: hot water, aleve, and exercise.¬† Now, it takes a long while for aleve to start working and it’s not completely fool proof. Hot water is very temporary relief of the pain (or heat in general). As soon as the heat is gone, the pain is back. Exercise seems to not only get my mind of of the painful pulsations, but also lessen the pain for the duration of exercise, and usually at least for a few hours afterward. Even gentle walking seems soothing.

Another good reason to have gone push myself and do some serious lower body weightlifting. I am trying to get ready for the skiing season, too. On my second leg press exercise on the machine, I did some static leg presses. I took a minute to lift the weight, and then another minute to lower it. Twice. My legs were trembling something fierce by the second exercise! I felt rather good. Now I even feel like I’m doing some progress (and I feel like I’m starving after having gobbled down 2000 kcal).


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