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The One Week Progress Overview

And the results are in… I have lost about 5 lbs!  Yay! And today I don’t even have cravings of any sort. Well, other than those yummydelicious gummy bears that my roommate left on the kitchen counter that just simply screamed my name.  I didn’t have any of course. I wanted to. Oh god, I can just imagine that lovely, sugary, artificial fruity taste at the tip of my tongue.

But I am not going to have any. In fact, even if I wanted to, I probably can’t crawl to the kitchen right now with the sore muscles I have.  I feel like  Michelin Man in a tight corset thanks to delayed onset of muscle soreness. It appears the exercises are at least working. I do feel good about that. I feel good overall that I am structuring my life around being healthy. I’ve been “fixing” a lot of the things around me, schedule-wise. Well, I was still able to incorporate two 300kcal cheeseburgers from McDonald’s today. Darned they were… overly sweet with ketchup and really salty!?

I have not had any crack today (aka Diet Coke). Moreover, I should do a little research on the liquid. In my very unprofessional opinion, diet coke is bad for weight loss.  Not just because everyone says it is, but I do distinctly remember making more progress in the past when I have not been drinking the fizzy nectarine. I already know that people are more likely to be obese if they drink diet sodas and use artificial sweeteners, I just want to know WHY diet drinks are such a detriment to my weight loss goals. I suppose I should make a mental note about that and dig deeper into the interwebs.

Since last week, all my measurements are the same except (in inches):

Neck: +0.25
Thigh: -0.5
Butt: -0.25
Upper Arm: -2.5 (I don’t believe this. I must have measured it initially funky).


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