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Struggles and Cravings

Oh god. Day 9? Must be the dreadful day nine. I have hiccups, caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and some terrible craving for chocolate mousse (well, I just finished watching Masterchef). I’ve kept immaculate records of my exercise record and what I have been eating; seeing the number on the computer screen helps me to not go for that extra little snack thinking I have more room to eat! It’s amazing how fast 1800 kcal just simply happens! .. and I’m at 2000 kcal right now.

Today is my day of rest. I did nap after work, and I am not doing anything as far as exercise is concerned. It’s supposed to be good for you to rest one day a week. I find it hard not to be doing something at least. I walked on my breaks at work, but I haven’t had anything fun to do tonight! Grrrrh. Where’s all my online people to chat with, where’s everyone on Facebook? Where is my real life social life?! A man to snuggle up to? Cater to my neediness now!!! I need some distraction from thinking of devouring an ocean full of Swedish Fish… mmmmmmmmm……


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  1. I just love your blog!!

    September 9, 2010 at 5:48 am

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