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Structure Structure Structure

I am pretty goshawfully whimsical most of the time.  On top of that, I think the lack of success in my past has been the unpreparedness to the upcoming week and the days to follow.  This time around, I have not only tried to eat better, but I’ve been prepared to eat better. I cook all my food for the next day (or for the most of the week) the day before, except for dinner.  I lay my clothes out the night before I go to bed. I pack my car with my work things, and my gym bag the night before too. That way, my mornings are easy as they get. Get up, take a shower, put clothes on, eat breakfast, grab my lunch,  and I’m off the door.

In the past, my mornings have been just scrambling. I’ll forget my lunch in the fridge, I’m still looking for that right shirt 2 minutes before I need to jet out of the door, my hair is soaking wet going to work… Oh gosh. The stress of the mornings have been eliminated! It’s been a little weird to try to get used to it, but it is helping me so much. I didn’t realize how much it not only helps me to be less stressed out in the mornings, but it helps me stay on track of what I’m eating (when I’ve already planned my breakfast and lunch, and snacks at work), and working out. Funny side effect… now that I’m cooking everything from scratch, I don’t spend much at all in grocery bills. I buy groceries once a month, and if absolutely needed be, I end up getting my milk, eggs, and yogurt every couple of weeks. It’s amazing. I freeze my meats, buy as clean of food as I can (frozen vegetables rock!!!).

So, it’s really weird to feel like things are in order. My room’s clean and organized, my closet is clean, neat and organized.  I don’t know what to say! It all really started from me getting prepared for the next day before I go to bed.  With the anticipation of things I can plan my days better. Since I know I like going to play trivia in the pub and drinking, and I will be spending my Friday mostly playing board games with the guys, I can modify whatever I am doing to fit my schedule. Pretty spiffy. I am so glad I took a few days off for myself to get into a structured groove, figuring how to get prepared to be organized, and how to maintain such organization. Once you have everything in place, the rest is just simple habit forming action.

Last night I also found this great video about how important structure is in weight loss 🙂 I do think it’s an aspect of it that isn’t talked about enough. It’s always eat this and that and exercise like so. It’s not very often “hey listen dufusbag, you gotta learn to optimize  everything else in your life to allow these changes and support a healthy life!”


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