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Neener neener nee neee

When you really want to do something, life throws you a whole lemon truck to struggle through. Thank god for this blog! Otherwise I’d have no medium to shove all my frustrations and I’d just go for that extra bit of food.

So, I have been feeling really extremely lethargic despite of getting plenty of sleep! I don’t feel like socializing, I don’t feel like doing anything else, and I suppose it makes sense after I looked at my weight at the gym: 318.5 lbs! That means I’ve lost 6.5 lbs since last week! I am scaring myself. I have some of my calculations completely off somewhere, and I suspect it is with my resting metabolic rate.  I missed exercising yesterday, I really was just too tired in the evening when I got home. It was closer to nine in the evening and I had left home at 7:30 am.  I have been eating at least 1650 kcal every day, if not closer to 2100 kcal.  I understand that in the first week most of the weight loss is water, but seriously, the second week, too? Well, at least I feel like I’ve made some progress.

This Bodybugg site is making me go bonkers! I was finally able to afford getting a new subscription to my ages old device that basically measures how many calories I burn every and each day. I need to establish a new baseline. I bought the subscription last night around 11:00 PM. Well, low and behold, they don’t process their payments except 3:00 PM PST each day, so their system does not update, and I can’t log into the site to do what I need. Talk about instant gratification killer! And since I’ve been working in the tech industry, I know how easy it would be to grant access to people immediately after the payment has been inserted by the user, even if it hasn’t cleared from the bank yet. In fact, it’s just as easy to revoke the rights to the site if the payment doesn’t clear at the processing time. Bad coding just upsets me!


But this is not why I am so frustrated. I went to the gym and finished a pretty decent workout set for my legs. I was tired as it gets, but all those dreams and goals about being attractive enough to generate some interest in more eligible men (ahem… and being healthy) kept me motivated. What I am frustrated about is that early into my leg sets, I pulled my inner thigh! I warmed up, I took the first sets of leg presses easy, and then I go ahead and pull that pesky adductor muscle anyway. Grrrrh, grrrh, and grrrh. I certainly hope it feels better tomorrow. I have all the intentions to go biking.

I have a party to go to. I don’t wanna. I need to go to Gold’s Gym to see if I can get some supercheap membership to there so I can switch gyms. I really don’t feel arsed. I reaaaaally need to take a shower rather immediately, but I am feeling awfully cranky at the moment. This is where I would normally throw in the towel, but darlings… I am writing a blog instead!


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