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Holy Crap!

I can’t believe that after my first 5 minutes of running something that resembles jogging, I felt like I couldn’t stop, but I did anyway, because it supposedly isn’t good for you to start out so roughly. However, after my 3 minute walk following the feat, I ran waddled another 10 minutes continuously, and again, I felt like I couldn’t stop, but I did, for about a minute, and then Iran waddled another 5 minutes and I was home already. It felt good. I really pushed myself, my shins are on fire, but I feel SO good, and so amazed that this fat ol’ body can do such a thing.

I don’t know what’s different this time. I’ve only tried this running deal for two weeks now. I have not ran that long continuously since I was 21 (then I was able to do 20 minutes).  Last year after 7 weeks of running, I was only able to do 3-5 minutes, with a 2 minute rest about four times, but not 10 minutes. I am amazed. I am curious how this is possible. The only thing that has changed since then is that I am fatter now, I have ran less weeks, and I am wearing Nike Frees instead of my other running shoes. There could be a lot to be said to the running style – I am hitting the ground my mid-foot first and not my heel.

And I’ve lost on average almost 4 lbs a week even after my initial week. That’s pretty amazing. I know it’s mostly because I am already so fat that I burn massive amounts of calories, but I am excited. Thrilled. My foreign brain is a little too tired to come up with more adjectives to describe my feelings currently.

Jesus fuck though, I am starving!!!!


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