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Was it really a Ruben if you were too drunk to remember?

Can I just say that I’ve shoveled a whole bunch of pure garbage in my mouth, and I am not all too proud of it?  Today I completely caved in. I had a KitKat bar. I had an Oreo Cookie Bar. I had two diet cokes (although one of them was free). I am craving for more garbage foods, and it started this wonderful early morning… perhaps even last night.

I went to bed way too late, and I didn’t know what to wear in the morning. I hadn’t planned my breakfast at all. So, I get up, I’m late leaving. I was thinking of getting a coffee from Starbucks (about 100 kcal for a tall latte with skim milk!).  I was entirely too tired and argumentative at work all day. I started the day with my crack… diet coke.  I had one. Then I had another. I got home and things had leveled to an acceptable level. I was still possibly winning my battle with food vs. me. Well, food won, as I was being social. First I had beer bought to me. Then I had more beer bought to me. Then I had a dinner bought to me (the most delicious Reuben I’ve ever had). None of these things I asked, but they were bought for me regardless. I didn’t want to say no. It’s sort of nice to receive things once in a while. I have such amazing friends. Truly 🙂 I shall bake them some bread in return in the near future.

I am sitting at 2400 kcal total for the day. I may have, if I am lucky, burnt about 2700 kcal total, maybe a little more… So, not a complete loss. Today, is my day to recover. However, I know this is gonna kick my ass tomorrow and I will be bloated like it gets. Dear existential being, give me some strength to go through tomorrow without fubaring!!!

So, I have already decided on my breakfast. I will have to make the decision what I will wear tomorrow. I know I need to take a shower in the morning, so that’s factored in. Then, I will crawl into bed unusually early and get some sleep finally!


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  1. the chebec

    I get this. On Tuesday i had far too much wine and that led to far too much greasy chicken. Not only did i have a hangover the next morning but i was fatter too.

    September 30, 2010 at 3:35 pm

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