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Maybe I shouldn’t read my own blog.

I just realized I bought some  Oreo Cookie bars yesterday! What on earth!  Out of sight, out of mind! I could have any time today go have them, but they are neatly shoved in my mystery archives… aka backseat that resembles more like a trash can than a car. I have no idea what it is with my car that I can’t keep it even remotely clean, although my place otherwise is pretty neat most of the time (except this week – which I plan on correcting tomorrow anyway).  Today, the backseat blackhole worked for my advantage rather well.

I did forget my dinner snack thing at home today – my yogurt. It was waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I got home; so, admittedly, I did have a kitkat bar (I know! Again!) at work for the few hours of overtime I did. I haven’t gone over my calories though, and I have been good on the food department, although I really just didn’t feel like it. I certainly wish my eating wasn’t an emotional thing, but it appears to me that it is exactly that. I listen to my moods entirely too much, instead of having relied on  routine and logic.

I did force myself to go out to run today. I had all the intentions of taking a nap and then running, but I am almost glad I didn’t. I was able to do well on the run, despite of being tired. Also this way,  I think I can go to bed relatively early and get some of that much needed sleep that I have been craving for. That of course after I’ve watched Parenthood on hulu. God, I just love that TV show!


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