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Kick boxed…

I didn’t take my workout clothes today, so I didn’t end up at the gym after work. I was going to go to biking, but I ended needing a nap right after I got home – and it was SO dark after I woke up two hours later! What is a girl to do! Well, thankfully I remembered that I have Netflix. I picked one of those 10 minute kickboxing videos, and did 30 minutes of it. Well, it kicked my butt!

Part of the routine is apparently ad hoc furniture kicking! Anyone that knows where I live, also knows I have very little room to maneuver around.  I also have a roommate, and as the social structure in this household goes, I stay in my room and out of the living room. I still managed to get a good work out in, although for the life of me, I can’t do THAT much hopping!

But still, a great break from my usual routines. Something different for sure, and it was challenging enough that I was dripping sweat afterward. Now… if only I had that cabana boy to come towel me off after shower…


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