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From drunken BBQ to all energy draining biking

Yesterday was the much anticipated BBQ that I have been waiting for the past few weeks. I brought rum, I ate sausage, I was quite drunk. I didn’t completely overeat. I think I had enough calories to about maintenance. I went to the gym earlier that day and lifted some weights. My arms were pretty sore, but I felt good. I kept everything pretty light all morning and during lunch, until the evening. Then it was game on and food in my mouth! It was pasta salad galore, some potato chips and salsa, cake, a little bit of apple crumble thingy with vanilla sauce, and that amazing fire grilled sausage.

And so I was drunk, happy, öaughing, and flirty! What was really fun was that I was being really myself. I was giggly, funny, slightly naughty, and the life of the party. I was being everything that always makes people so attracted to me. I wish it worked virtually, too. People love me when they meet me in person when I am in my charming moods. I just am too shy to feel like I can pursue those interests.

Well, I talked virtually with everyone and I had tons of fun doing so. Nobody was judging me for being fat. In fact, a couple of the guys there were a bit pudgy themselves. I felt really great about the whole thing! Then we all played drunken Volleyball. I giggled through the whole thing, sometimes sitting on my butt, unable to stop laughing. I was barefeet on this gorgeous park (which was right next to the house we had the bbq at), running after a ball. I can’t even describe how happy I felt.

And today, partly guilty from all the rum still burning my veins, I decided to do a really long bike ride. Well, really long for me. That was 18 miles of biking, about 12 mph the entire time. Although it was entirely too warm outside, I felt good up until the last mile! Then the hunger hit me! I think that my belly was trying to eat its own lining!!!  I think I had burnt at that point as much calories as I had eaten the entire day!!! Horrors!

Now I am tired, I am clean. I need more water. I feel good that I took everything I got and made it back home. I pushed myself.  I don’t know what it is with this exercising, but the more progress I am making, the more I feel like I want to and can push myself further and further. It’s intoxicating!


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