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What a weekend

Last weekend was partially brutal, but again goes to show that with a little bit of resolve and pre-planning most damage can be minimized.

I had a guest out of town for the weekend. This part was very much unplanned. As I mentioned before, I was really struggling last week, and then some amazing workouts at the Gym and the encouraging comment I got here, I switfly got back on track – just to have to drag a very anti-exercise guest around town and try to make good decisions at restaurants! Yes, I had too much beer and wine, but I manged to order decently at the restaurants. Fresh Hagerman trout with capers and balsamic reduction on Sunday. Saturday we had Texas Roadhouse. I had a 6 oz sirloin, a fresh veggies, and mashed potatoes. It wasn’t terrible, except I also had two cheeserburgers from McDonald’s fro breakfast… and then continued with the alcohol and rolls until late! I ate almost (estimated) 3000 kcal! I don’t even know if I bunt that much!

Thankfully, since Thursday, I had felt entirely too awkward without my precious exercise. I actually had withdrawal symptoms. I needed to go do something! This got me excited! Sunday, when it got dark, I ran 2 miles straight and felt great about it! Now, I am waiting for another hour before going to the gym to work my shoulders and arms. I am psyched that I get to do this!

And I ate good all Sunday. Here’s the kicker: I also had a date. It went really well. The guy is 5 years younger than I am, cute and skinny, but he seems to like me. I certainly enjoyed him! He’s witty and has a great head on his shoulders. I would love to see him again! I am working on my insecurities to get to the actual “let’s meet again.” I certainly let him know that I really enjoy his company. He indicated he would like to “hang out again”. This is positive folks!

But not a reason to give up on skinnying down!

I am on track on this weight-loss. I weighed 307.8 lbs this morning. Considering the weekend, that’s fantastic.  Only 7.8 lbs and I will be 300 lbs!!!



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