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Can someone read boys?

I made a few fat jokes about myself today at trivia (I said that when I move, I probably need an F-250 haul  my ass around), and the boys seemed to think that I wasn’t just nice to myself. In fact, they suggested I’d do a dance on the pole when we go to the strip join Thursday? So, I guess I am not completely chopped liver. The boy I went to a date with on Sunday said he would like to go hiking with me (I’ll see if I can make it a weekend date!). I had to ask though. Another boy (24 yr old) is telling me he really likes me, but I have to contact him first though.

Well, let’s see what happens. I don’t want to put pressure on things, I just want to keep things fun and relatively casual. But I am a complete emotional wreck! All I can think is that they will reject me, and I am having a hard time accepting that someone may like BBWs after all. Well, I am fixing this, but liking me as I am now vs. liking me when I am 230 lbs… Well, I am hoping that I am good enough.

I had a hard time cycling today though!! Oh god! I went to the pub to play trivia, like I do every Tuesday, and my legs were just on fire! And I have been starving all day, too!! Sheesh. Maybe I just went too low on my calories yesterday and this is what I get from doing that. Well, I’ve certainly made up for it… 215o kcal for the day.


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