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Goddess of Coffee

Alright, I gave up Diet Coke almost two months ago, but what is with this coffee drinking? All of a sudden we get this deliciously amazing Keurig machine at work, and I can’t stop drinking coffee with tons of half and half!  This morning I woke up as if someone had smacked a log right against my forehead, until I realized that it’s my caffeine withdrawal symptoms telling me again that I better get my butt to work to drink more of this magical  Hazelnut-Kona-Oh-My-God-I’d-trade-10-orgasms-for-this-stuff potion. Otherwise, I probably would have just emailed in sick. I like that about work. Emailing. I don’t think we even know how to use phones any longer.

I ran 2,5 miles! Hooray for me! Although, Ms. Sloth slowed down in the last mile to probably under 4 mph, and my time per mile was about 14.5 …  But I did it! I ran it, and I sure as heckles felt like stopping after the first mile. I was so proud running past these fancy steak houses, and mexican food eateries, and wine shops. I didn’t get derailed a single bit. Although, a curious question came to my mind when I did finally manage to enter the front door to the house — all red and panting: if I have to eat a recovery meal right after exercising, then why does it have to feel like I’m going to purge the substance out of me anyway?

That’s right. Yogurt right after running was no bueno. I am starving now, but I really didn’t feel like I could intake all that sugar and protein right after running. It was intense enough that I still feel the burn of it.  I celebrated my feat by touching up the roots of my hair. I look like a bona fide redhead again 🙂

As an unrelated note, Isn’t my roommate’s puppy just the cutest? I so adore this little fella. It was nice to come home, and him just trying to cuddle up to me.


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  1. Mmm… Coffee… ’nuff said.

    October 22, 2010 at 1:40 pm

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