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Back on schedule!

Well, I finally weighed myself and almost jumped in the air! My saving grace was that I figured that an elephant landing on a scale would probably break it. Therefore, I probably shouldn’t try the gravity trick on it either.  The number was 303.8 lbs!!!!!  That means, that I’ve dropped not only the water weight that I put on last weekend (that 5 lbs and whatever of it was fat), but I did some serious progress, too! I look skinnier right in front of my eyes, and somebody commented yesterday that I’ve been losing weight and it shows.  Well, as I don’t exactly recommend a big pizza, chocolate, and beer as a recovery/ plateau buster, I am rather fortunate this time. That means I am 6 weeks ahead of my set schedule, and perhaps by my birthday I could be at 290 lbs instead. If that is the case, I am sooooo wearing my supersexy baby phat dress with my hooker heels out.


Anyway, I read about some amazing stuff about cellulite yesterday when I was reaaaaally bored at work. It deserves its own post though.


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  1. Heya! Congrats. You give me hope and inspiration.

    November 4, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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