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Funny thing happened on my way to…

Let me give you a puzzling riddle that I’ve yet to solve: What is 310 lbs, and by laying on the bed, and pulls a muscle on her ankle?

This silly ankle is now rather iced. I feel great otherwise. My entourage and I went snowboarding/ skiing today, and it was tons of fun! I took a few tumbles the first few times coming down the hills, but I can tell I have been working out more. My quads aren’t sore (yet), and even my calves weren’t burning too badly.  The slight exception to this was when my boot straps got loose and I didn’t realize that on a cat track. It was all I could do to be on my tippytoes leaning forward to keep my board on the trail. Hah! Well, no wonder.

I tried my other ski pants. They’re XXL in men’s size. I need to lose about 3 inches off my butt to fit into them again. I would love to. They are sooo nice and warm, and they don’t look completely horrible, like these almost overalls that I had to buy last year.  Sad thing is, I stil have one more pair of ski pants to go down to after that pair, and a really nice ski jacket to use once I lose some more weight.

I have a date tomorrow for Sushi with Mr. L.  He was so nice and sweet Friday, absolutely trying to woo me, and just blatantly told me how he finds me attractive. I like his disposition. He’s warm, personable, smart, a bit crass and ornery, and did I mention he has lost 170 lbs in the past two years? I don’t think he’s an inspiration to me; I find it hard to be inspired by other people. Inspiration to me doesn’t translate to motivation. My motivation comes from my needs and desires to be healthy, feel good, and dammit… be the most attractive me that I can be.  It’s just nice that he’s gone through that journey, so he understands what it takes. I salute him for it, I find it great that he understands what I am going through, but also that  we seems to have very compatible personalities and likes in life.

Which is not so much with Mr. M (the lawyer, as I sometimes call him). He’s nice and sweet, but so awkward at the same time. So innocent. So..  oh gosh. Just SO!!!!  I did promise to go out with him next weekend, but I am not so sure now. I am looking forward to seeing him Mr. L tomorrow, and I think I’ll make some decisions based on what goes on from there.  If neither works out, that should be OK, too. I do really want to date again. I miss cuddling and caring about someone else as more than just friends. I do.

But I’ve done really well today. I didn’t drink any beer, exercise, and I ate healthy. Yay for me. And had a two hour banter via gmail with Mr. L…. *swoons*


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  1. the chebec

    I hope things continue to go well with Mr. L and i think you’re doing great. I so agree with your point about the difference between and inspiration and motivation. It’s fine to have people around who have done what we are trying to do. However when it comes down to it those examples are only good for us if we are moved to do what we need to do in order to make our desires a reality.

    December 1, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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