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Kisses and Nobel Laureates

I had a pretty awesome run yesterday — and I’ve been eating good. That’s all there is to report about that. Current damage: 309 lbs.

Now, back to them men. I had already decided yesterday that I’d go see Jody Williams talk the University. She won Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. She was absolutely amazing. I had been talking with Mr. L about it yesterday, and he indicated that he found the subject matter interesting.  I intentionally did not invite him to go see the lecture with me. My friend suggested today that I should probably invite him, because he’s been paying for all our dates so far… so I could do something nice in return (I was asking my friend for advice as to what sort of a nice thing I could do back).

Well, Mr. L’s phone didn’t work quite right, which played just to my advantage. Ha ha ha. My invitation got cut in half, so he asked for me to send the second part of the message to him. I did. He sent me a few messages, and I replied. He never got my replies or the rest of the invitation!! Finally, while I was waiting to hear the lecture, I got a text message being a bit worried about having perhaps angered me. I called Mr. L. He was all too happy to hop in his car and come see the lecture with me with a 30 minute notice (note… his drive is 35 minutes on a good weather… and it’s been a snow blizzard here). He seemed completely relieved to hear from me, and he was only a couple of minutes late to the lecture.

After the speech of Ms. Williams, he wanted to buy me a coffee. How sweet of him. Also, we have plenty things in common, so we tend to talk a lot. He babbled on a lot about his exes and some dates he’s had since he’s lost all this weight (a wee bit boring), and I just told him how I want someone I can be excited about, not mother someone when they come home. He was even more entranced after I said that. Anyway, so when we got off the coffee shop, he asked if a small kiss on a third date is acceptable. Aaah. Well, damn this asking. He should have just pulled me toward him, and asserted his masculinity. Hahahah! Oh well, the kiss was nice either way.

THEN he told me that he was a bit bummed out Monday thinking he wouldn’t get to see me until Sunday. He made sure we are still on for Sunday…

Yep. I think he likes me.


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  1. danielleburger

    I’m to excited for you about this new guy! He sounds like he’s totally smitten! =) Congrats! I hope your weight loss journey is going well too. ❤


    December 3, 2010 at 9:00 pm

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