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Sweet and Salty, and a little bit of science.

Everything seems so salty these days.  The cheese I usually buy has been intolerable to try to eat.  Hence the whole block has lasted for a month in a my fridge, too. Today, I about gagged when I tasted all that grease and salt in a piece of summer sausage I got for cheap. What has happened to my palate? My cheeseburgers from McDonald’s have been the same way. It’s been an all-of-a-sudden change, and I can’t imagine what I can fully accredit this to. I don’t use salt when I cook,other than what is already in the chicken bouillon base. But frankly, I still get the high levels of sodium from my bread, mac & cheese, and peanut butter. I even went as far as buying Adam’s all natural peanut butter, and frankly, it tasted like shit. I have a huge jar at it at home, and I went and got some Jiff finally. It tastes good.

I used to think that fruits aren’t that great, but I find apples especially satisfying my sweet tooth. I haven’t had cravings for simple sugars like I usually do. I haven’t bought bags of candy. I haven’t even craved for them.  It started to make a bit sense when I was watching Dan Dennet talk on a video at ted.com (see 2 mins 45 s and 4 mins 43 s):

I know from my biology classes that we really have evolved to the taste of sweetness. What really struck me on Dan Dennet’s talk is that I’ve overloaded my sensors with hyperstimuli. Maybe I’ve now gotten to a point where I experience food more like my nature intended to. The very idea of candy makes me mentally excited, but when I actually eat any of it, it is not pleasurable. My body revolts. It seems to be this way with salt now as well. Maybe I am coming off of that hypersensing, and my body is yearning for a better balance. I literally stopped eating my cheeseburger from McD the other day because I just couldn’t stomach the salt.

So, as I am excited that my body is reacting differently to food, I am a little scared! I feel good about being healthier, but I am just scared. It’s completely irrational, I know. I don’t understand it.

On other news, I took today and yesterday off from exercise (other than walking 45 mins), since I am feeling drained. I also upped my calories to 1800-2000 kcal… Tomorrow, I will need to go do something, though.

I certainly am making a conscious effort to eat more “natural” foods. I cook from scratch, and try to go away from the processed foods as much as my cooking and


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