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I’m “that” girl

So, I got a text message about 4 PM asking me go out to the mall with my friend.  I pretty much realized the whole purpose for this mall trip was that I can be that female friend, who gives you an advice what to get for your girlfriend for Valentine’s.  I kind of love the fact that I was asked to tag along, but I know that tomorrow I’m getting 0 cards and 0 flowers.   Frankly, I am pretty okay about this, except that I’ve been wanting to go to a nice restaurant with great company for weeks now!

I rode my bike yesterday and today. It’s been really nice here, and it seems like spring has come to Boise early.  Yesterday wasn’t anything too big, I rode  about 10 miles. Today, I kept great pace through the whole time, and ended up biking 18 miles.  And despite of the many bicyclist around, I only had one man go past me. I didn’t mind so much; the rear scenery was fabulous!  I thought I’d go to the gym to do my biceps and triceps, but I really didn’t have any energy to do that at all now.  I am still feeling the burn from the endeavor, though. All I want to do is to eat and to drink loads of water. I feel like I haven’t replenished my energy reservoirs at all.

I’m going to try to work my way up to 30 miles/ day of biking this year.  Tomorrow, I’m going to go the gym, and maaaaaybe, just maybe, I’ll end up running. It just depends on how exhausted I still feel. In the meanwhile, I should have a great night’s sleep.


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