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Endorphins are like good sex/ Oh my god do I love my fat girl Jeans…

Oh, damn work. I told myself I wouldn’t let work to get to the point where I’d be thinking about it all the time. I am.  I’ve had to work with a man I had an affair with at work lately. We have barely been speaking for the past year, mainly because I decided I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. He shouldn’t have lied to me, and expected me to be okay with that.  Anyway, he keeps laughing at my jokes and reminding me of things that I used to share with him (like awesome music).  I keep thinking his obese self sweating on top of me, over and over and over again. Well, sex was great.

So, I have been a little stressed out trying to figure out who I get to pawn all my work things to before next week, and having to think what four different projects need while I am still part of them, while trying to get ready to launch another one. Ugh. I went to run today, and got most of that pent up stress off of me. I’m still stuck at 305 lbs, but it felt good to do 45 minutes of cardio at almost maximum heart rate. I have some endorphins running through my body, and maybe I can forget about the sex with my co-worker. The most important part of all this is that I’m gonna get my butt looking nice!

Which reminds me of something absolutely awesome! Friday, I got a weeeeeeeee bit tipsy (yay for that!). I sent a customer comment to my favorite jeans company on the whole planet!!! Silver Jeans are simply amazing. Their Plus Size line is just perfect for my curves. I told the company they made my ass look amazing. That was around 10 PM. The next day (Saturday, about 6 PM), the PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY commented on my customer feedback, and I got a free pair of jeans!!!!

I did not expect that! Oh my god. Are they amazing or what?! 🙂 That’s a free pair of the most fabulous $102 jeans on my skinnier ass.

Silver Jeans - The Most Amazing Butt hugging jeans a curvy plus size girl could want.

Ps. I think I am doing a little better with this freaking out/ binging part.  I finally managed to tell my bosses at work that I will be incredibly busy starting next week (I am already — torn up between four projects), and I won’t have the time to spare for anything but the project I’ll be starting up and leading. It’s  going to be time-consuming, and apparently I may be working some over time on a weekly basis.


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