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Today marks a day when I fit into size 22 jeans.

My butt is hovering at 54 inches still, but my belly is getting smaller. My waist is staying at a steady 37,5 inches. This darned belly. It’s gone from the starting ~52 inches to 46 inches, though. So, about time I can squeeze myself into smaller jeans. Although plagued with overeating, and other assorted issues, my body compositions is changing for sure. There are visible changes to how I look.

I cashed in on my Silver Jeans, too. I did deliberately buy a size smaller than what I’ve been wearing. I know I’ll get to wear them smaller. I may yet get some butt pictures =P

And another absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, and intense man was flirting with me for a few hours. Oh my gosh. I didn’t even initiate that. I need to woman up and start believing in myself a little bit more. I can, again, go for the attractive men.  Besides, my face is looking thinner, too. This is a good feeling.



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