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103 lbs/ Date #2

I told my roommates about my jeans. She thought it was awesome that I was getting a new pair. I told her I bought the jeans in size smaller than I usually would, and that I just needed to lose some poundage off my ass before I could squeeze in them most likely. It made me feel good when she said: “But you go work out every night!”  It’s not exactly true, but at least she seems to think I am far more active than I am. Ha ha. I walk every day at work, though. That does tend to contribute to the overall energy spent 🙂

I also had a lovely date with Mr A.  It was nice that we were able to be honest enough to admit that neither one of us have really “feelings” and neither one of us know how it really would be to “fall in love” with girls. We are both very logical, over-think, and sarcastic. We have a lot in common, it seems like.  We are comfortable just talking for hours… and he is hot. He made me some chicken and salsa, and that was amazing.  I get the feeling that he isn’t ready to feel things, and I am neither. I am so okay with things going slow.
He was talking to his best friend, a female. And she said that one of us would treat the evening like a booty call. Neither one of us really felt that way. I was just enjoying his company, and we haven’t been overtly sexual. I like that, actually. I am not ready to engage in a relationship fully yet, but I like I have a friend (no matter how short term) that I can talk about things, and view food and exercise in the same way as I do. I feel like someone understands, and I love it. 🙂


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