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You should just watch these videos… because it’s revolutionary.

Tom Naughton, the creator of the fat head movie, did an amazing, eye-opening  lecture about how everything we’ve been taught about nutrition has been a lot of garbage studies. I’ve come to similar conclusions about my eating in the past few years. First, I was skeptical that by eating more fat and protein, I would be easily be able to lose weight, but after doing a lot of research, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of thinking, it seems to make sense. It also seems to make sense why I would keep gaining muscle while I was losing weight, when I had my trainers — I cheated and ate more protein and fat than my trainer really wanted me to.

Living relatively “sugar and processed food free” is making a tremendous impact on me, though. I did the math this morning about last month. I struggled with my own emotional eating, but that seems to have subsided (for now). Yet, I managed to only drop 5 lbs of weight, BUT — here’s the amazing part — I also did my measurements. According to every body fat calculation formula from military to YMCA, I’ve dropped 2,5% of body fat within the last month. That means, I lost 12 lbs of fat, and gained 7 lbs of lean body mass (muscle). Hard to complain about that! I’m juuuust above 300 lbs, but heck…  I’m taking a victory where I can get a victory.

I can tell my body composition changed a lot, too. I fit into some clothes I used to wear, and my new jeans look great on my butt. I do look slimmer, and my belly is shrinking pretty fast! It’s an awesome feeling.  Speaking of feelings, I need to feed my hungry belly with some smoked salmon, now…  🙂


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