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I have no idea why I feel so sad all of a sudden. It feels like the things I do don’t matter, and the people in my life aren’t as close as I wish they were.  There are amazing things! Rationally, I know I am so blessed in a lot of ways.  I have friends, I have a great family (even if they are all in Europe), and I have a job. I have my two adorable cats. I have  a roof over my head!

But, I ended up watching Secret Millionaire today (Oh, did I cry!). I always felt like I could be so much more, I could do so much more, but I’ve never had that idea that could take off. I’ve yet to do something revolutionary in a macro scale.  I know I’ve changed lives, made things better, made and impact. I know this! I just want  something more. I want that cash, so I could help people. I want to. I want to give to a good cause, but right now…I struggle just to be me.

And it really bothers me.


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