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Rock solid under… umm… some fat…

No idea where these muscles came on my quads, but holy cow fuck they are solid!!! They just all of a sudden like… appeared.  I was just running my hand alongside my quad while I had shifted my weight on that leg, and there it was… super solid muscles, thinly veiled by a small layer of fat.

I am excited, and a little confused, as I haven’t done any specific leg exercises and my quads haven’t been that sore. Maybe it was snowboarding? I just haven’t been snowboarding that much? Or perhaps that 12 lbs gain on muscle was really just on my quads. Who knows?! I am stoked!!

What is this psoas muscle that I keep reading about? Something about it being too tight, and your pelvis tilts incorrectly (sitting, bad posture, muscle imbalances)? Hmm. I don’t even remember that from my human biology classes from college. It hasn’t been that long since I had them.

Anyway, just waiting for my magic number to appear on the scale (under 300 lbs, that is). It’s been sorta stuck all week, but I am having my periods. I get bloated like a water buffalo during that time. Or a hippo. Or whatever those multicellular water-absorbing creatures are called again.

Sponges? Meh.


Tomorrow, I am hanging out with an ex-boyfriend from two years ago. It’s going to be weird.


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