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Milestone Reached

I thought I would feel more excited and accomplished, because today, I finally weighed under 300 lbs. In fact, I weighed 298.8 lbs.

I was laying in bed, feeling good that I have been sticking with things, although it’s been a rough year. I’m nowhere near as far with this journey as I thought I would be. I’ve had a lot of rough patches to work through. I just decided to try it one day at a time, through the plateaus, through the emotional hindrances, through the schedule adjustments.

I feel good about that. It’s not really about being under 300 lbs. It’s about continuing, and loving the journey for what it is. I feel good that I am closer to reaching my “normal weight” of so many years, but I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything, or that I need to reward myself, or even pause  just to observe this new life under 300 lbs. I think that’s where I usually get cocky and sabotage myself.

Today, I finally felt that I deserve this for me. I deserve my health and a new body, and I deserve to feel so damn good about just being me.


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