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Feeling Great

Oh gosh. Maybe that day of splurging was really what I needed! Two slices of pizza, and lasagna, and some deli salad — and a few cookies on top of that. Overall, I don’t think I went much over 2,500 kcal, but just enough to feel better today. I was so drained out of energy after eating ~1,700 kcal on that HIIT day. As much lean mass I have, and as much as I burn calories a day, this is way too little for me on my active days. I could still feel the burn yesterday, even after eating all that!!! And I didn’t do a damn thing all day!

And today, I am at ~1900 kcal. I am hoping that the temporary water weight that comes from eating more calories will subside quickly. My measurements were definitely down this morning:

  • Butt: 52.5
  • Waist (at its smallest): 36.5
  • Belly (at navel level): 44.0


Although, I was really tired all day at work (thank you daylight savings!), I got home and I just felt like I couldn’t let the day go to waste when it was so pretty outside. I went to the garage, put some air in my bike tires, and decided to do a light bike ride around the green belt. Apparently, my light rides are now 11,5 miles in about 52 minutes. Actually, I am surprised how quickly that went. That’s a nice, light pace speed I was biking. It’s easy to lose the track of time outside. Although, my iPod wasn’t much help… all this music that was about to put me to sleep…  I probably should take a good look at my playlist and make a decent set for biking. I already have my angry music for lifting, and my TOP 40 beats for running. 🙂

But I don’t think Yo-Yo Ma is going to make great cycling tunes any time soon.

Well, really, the big thing is that despite of not feeling like it, I went out and I biked anyway, and I felt great about it. I really have had an itch to go lift weights today, but I know I have to be at work tomorrow at 7 am. Jerks. That’s going to be torture. I’ll see if I can skip that early, and go to the gym on the afternoon. If I feel really adventurous, maybe I’ll even catch a class in some sordid, horrible aerobics that will remind me why I don’t like going to those classes.

I guess, I am just excited that I am on this journey now.  I’m definitely milking this as long as the feeling lasts 🙂



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