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I ran… and I ran… and I ran…. NO I didn’t

I’ve been upset, emotional , and eating way too much for five days. You’d think that eating as much garbage and junk that I had, I would have gone to bahtroom, too. No. My GI system was completely out of whack, and I had to go buy a bottle of Milk of Magnesia after four days of pure agony. By agony, I mean Saturday I couldn’t even eat, because nothing in my digestive system was moving to any direction. I am excited to be back on track and eating healthier again!!!

Today, I ate a good, moderate 2,000 kcal. I went to work out for the first time in 5 days, too. It felt good, and it felt right. It felt like it’s the way it should be. I’ve been in a little exercise euphoria the whole evening, and I think I am back on track. Things are slightly fragile…

But thanks to my internet support group, I got past through the worst (emotional) part from Friday. It’s onto bigger, better, and more productive things… one pound at a time (even if it means I need two weeks to recover from this past week. Ha!).




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