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So, my weekend was so full of exercise…

When life gives you a nice sushi dinner and six alcoholic beverages, I spend the next day paying homage to the porcelain God. So, I definitely got my involuntary stomach exercise in today. I also think curling into a ball and getting up from the bath tub to sit up to throw up counts as cardio.

I considered going out and enjoying the nice weather, but frankly, I am still feeling very squeezy. I also met an amazingly handsome man 5 minutes ago from Craigslist at our place: mainly, he was here to buy my roommate’s great pyrenese. The bastard is married. But oh, was he nice and talking to me. I am excited that the dog isn’t here, either. Between that and the Bin Laden news, today has been pretty fucking awesome despite of the major barf-fest.

I have some fantastic plans to eat healthy tomorrow AND exercising. I am craving my exercise. I am not feeling emotionally so all over the place (so accomplishing that should be easier), after my lovely work affair buddy so unkindly reminded me that he’s not ready for anything serious. He says I make such an awesome friend with benefits. Wait. He wants to make sure that I know I am more than a fuck buddy. So, we act as if we date, but we have no extra tender feelings for each other, other than I find myself oddly jealous at times. This may start working for me eventually. I need to adjust my schedule a little, and get more exercise in, though. And none of this drinking. I lost out on a possibly nice sleep over for the mere fact that at midnight, I ended up throwing up at the club restroom… rather an unusual experience that I am not used to.

But the bouncers were very handsome, too. Maybe they like fat chicks on their knees in restroom stalls.

I ran into this crazy stuff about hCG diet online, too. After a lady I was out with on Saturday said she lost 8 lbs in a week just using it.  I was proud of myself for not interrupting her too much. She didn’t want to hear how dangerous the diet was (which I suspected it was). So, essentially the diet is supposed to get rid of the fat in the “hard to lose areas” that even I am having issues with by using women’s pregnancy hormone. Well, after some reading, I am thinking that this diet just maybe one of the most dangerous ones out there, with no support from FDA or real research. Placebo has been proven to be as efficient. Truly, if you are eating Atkins-type diet for 500 kcal/day, I am pretty certain that you will lose some weight. It still doesn’t equal a lifestyle change, and that means the pounds will come packing on, because you’re not dealing with the issues that got you fat in the first place.

I really just have been too social, and not have enough time to concentrate on me.  I need to scale down my week a bit, and spend time with people that matter. I really am having a hard time not being a social whore.  Hah…
I got a new hair cut with some side-swept bangs:

I got side swept bangs.


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  1. J

    Oooh, that’s a nice smile pic 😀

    May 8, 2011 at 4:33 pm

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