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I am turning in to an activity monster

Well, looks like my quest to be active has been going better than I expected.  We can partially thank Facebook for that. Some of my friends I’ve spent less time with are now turning into friends to do more things with since we’ve realized we have so many common interests and goals: Disc golfing, running, hiking, tennis,  being nerds, and biking. It’s great! Not only do I get to be active, but I get to do this with people I really like!

I am a little bummed out I forgot my camera when Kelly and I went to hike up the Table Rock (elevation: 3658 ft ( 1115 m)). Not sure what the base elevation is exactly, but Boise has an  approximate elevation of 2,730 ft (850 m). It was tough! Took Kelly and I an hour and half, and my calves and thighs are sore now. According to this Bodybugg, I didn’t actually burn more calories per minute than I do when I walk typically, but the hike up the hill was definitely more of a resistance workout, and I was running out of breath.

The nice thing in Boise is that people are super friendly and sweet, and it’s not atypical for strangers  to joke around a bit on the trail when you pass them. That already makes walking on the trails nice, but it helped that I had someone to keep me accountable, so I couldn’t very well just quit half way up.

I’ll try to take my camera with me next time, but here’s a picture I am liberally using from this lovely blog. You should check it out. There are several reasons I’ve fallen in love with Boise over the years, and this view is one of them.

And today, I did some disc golf at the park. That took a lot of energy, but I felt really like I needed to do something else all day, so I went to do some of my speed work with running a bit ago. All in all, I had a really active weekend, and I look forward to being this active, if not even more, all summer long.

I even told my guest-to-be-of-10-days that I am hoping we can spend as much time outdoors as possible while he is here. Even if he hates the outdoors, and loves nothing as much as A/C, I need to be out. Thankfully, he seemed to be more OK with it than I expected.


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