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Change of Plans

Let’s not talk about the baseball game. I’m relatively irritated about that still. I really wish some people didn’t have the knack of making me feel like a second class citizen.

While we’re at it. I’d like to tell my 7th grade gym teacher to go fuck herself, because I got an F for running a mile in 12 minutes. Apparently, I should have accomplished this in about 8 minutes for an A.  At the fucking 7th grade, nonetheless! Well, no wonder I hated running so much. My teacher was a jerk, and so were a lot of my classmates.  Today, I am proudly reporting that I ran a mile in 12 minutes. I felt like I was gliding on the pavement, and it felt so amazing. I wasn’t just trying to keep slow enough pace that I could make a  certain amount of minutes. No, I was just running at a fast pace (for me) until I just couldn’t any longer. Granted, not the longest ever distance, but it was real running!!!

And the scale was at 289.4 lbs this morning. Two days in a row under 290 lbs. That in itself is a feat worth celebrating with more exercise! I will yet become a goddess of some kind. Maybe just of my own internet blog, but this self-improving does feel good, and it makes me happier. It almost makes me forget the  social fiascoes of the day [insert loads of grrrrrrh here].

But, since I didn’t do anything social today, I got the run in, and I got my walking in at work for the two breaks that I was planning on. I now hope that I will manage to get up early enough to go hike in the morning, and the pack most of the day. Who knows, maybe end of next week, the scale will be 288, and then I am yet another pound closer to my goal. 🙂

(Although, I’d like my belly circumference measurements go down as well. Those haven’t budged in 2 months).


And since I ran, I may also feel like I’m not full of energy and get some sleep.


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