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Day 3

Hey, so in the midst of this ravenous appetite that doesn’t let go by eating what I’m supposed to, I’ve managed to discover that in the past four years even technology solutions I’ve not liked in the past have gotten better. Much better.

I put my polar heart rate monitor on yesterday to work out on the elliptical at our subdivision club house. Well, lo’ and behold, not only does the heart rate monitor sync up to my watch and phone (if I knew where the dongle was… This is two year old technology), but it syncs to the elliptical. That’s awesome. Effort measured! And of course, I like numbers! Tangible, measurable, conceivable.


Hey, all synced up!

Now, I confess I owned a Fitbit for a week and then returned it. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, mostly just an expensive pedometer. Now, I slightly regret giving up on it. MyFitnessPal, as it turns out, has a pretty nice app to track calories and activities. The Fitbit would have synced with it and calculated calorie burn for me based on my activity level.

Fitbit is no bodybugg in accuracy, but I don’t think BodyMedia fully actualized the leap to smartphones and was acquired by the ever-struggling Jawbone. They have the chance to do something amazing, calculate calories burned based on the actual effort, not pedometer readings. But alas, since the acquisition, even the Up 3 hasn’t hit the market.

My ten year old bodybugg was better in so many ways than Fitbit and far ahead of its time. It just got lost in the giant shuffle and I’m sad about it. There’s nothing like it in the market right now as far as my Google-fu can tell.

I digress. MyFitnessPal has improved a lot since I last used it on PC. In fact, it sucks using it online. Entering things via my phone? Easy! Verified foods? Easy! Someone else went through the effort to figure out the calories in Whole Foods’s Golden Age Boule? Easy! I have so far found every single food item I eat on their search.

So, I paid for their subscription for a month. If I like it, I’ll buy the year. If not, bye bye subscription and ten bucks I’ll never see again.

I have numbers to obsess about. I love it!


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