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Well, that’s one way to lose pounds…

Well, here I am. Seven days into losing weight consciously, the last two of it mostly due to food poisoning. All food sounds terrible, although my most acute need is to get rid of this pounding head ache.

I’ve been contemplating a bit on why I am where I am today, and I’m realizing that this weight gain is not because of a personal failure, even though I gained more than I intended. My body was incubating a baby, and it will just take some time for my body to get back to where I was before the pregnancy.

Not weight-wise, but physically, I was doing the right things a year ago. I need to remember that. I was feeling strong and great about what we were doing. My husband and I made mountain biking a priority, we were killing it on the trails and having fun. I was doing awesome on dead-lifts at the gym (220 lbs! ). I didn’t stop because I wanted to. I stopped because my doctor told me to.

I admit It was easy to slip into laziness in the midst of nausea, fatigue, and aching hips. During Halloween, candy seemed like the most amazing thing ever. And I didn’t care, really. I was supposed to eat after all.

I have had a hard time being active consistently since Baby W was born, but I can do this. Just need to stay organized with everything. My body just did its thing to create life, now I’m going to do my thing to feel good.

I’ll start with step one. That is: get rid of this food poisoning and head ache.


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