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Potassium schpotassium

Tracking one’s macronutrients can be awfully satisfying from an OCD point of view. With the MyFitnessPal android app, it’s been a delightful journey into discovering some of my micronutrients as well.

It appears that no matter what, I intake only half of my daily potassium requirement. How the heck people hit these numbers and stay aligned with all their other requirements? Must be magic. Dirty, filthy, potassium-infused magic.

Also, despite really wanting to lie to the app when I’ve been naughty in my eatings, I haven’t. I did notice it’s easier to correct a few terrible choices in my daily life when I’m aware of their effect on my daily macro distribution. Too many fats? Eat more carbs/protein. Too much sugar? Well, lean meats it is…

I have to admit that I feel pretty good. 14 days in, 13 lbs lost pretty effortlessly. I feel there might yet be hope for my mommy weight.


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