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Mom just keeps going!

I’m on fire! Someone bring water! In other words, I’m doing awesome and I’m thirsty. I just want to celebrate 9 day streak and doing awesome at work on my projects that I’m in charge of. Not too bad. I even pump at work now with no shame or trying to hide the sterilization bag for all the parts. That’s a small win.

Most importantly, I just enjoy every minute I get to hang out with my tiny little baby boy. He is such a sweet little snugglemonster and I can’t wait to hold him in my arms as soon as  he and his daddy get home, which means I had better get to the gym at the club house if I want to sneak in a work out.

Man, staying uber organized here just to survive!


Well, that’s one way to lose pounds…

Well, here I am. Seven days into losing weight consciously, the last two of it mostly due to food poisoning. All food sounds terrible, although my most acute need is to get rid of this pounding head ache.

I’ve been contemplating a bit on why I am where I am today, and I’m realizing that this weight gain is not because of a personal failure, even though I gained more than I intended. My body was incubating a baby, and it will just take some time for my body to get back to where I was before the pregnancy.

Not weight-wise, but physically, I was doing the right things a year ago. I need to remember that. I was feeling strong and great about what we were doing. My husband and I made mountain biking a priority, we were killing it on the trails and having fun. I was doing awesome on dead-lifts at the gym (220 lbs! ). I didn’t stop because I wanted to. I stopped because my doctor told me to.

I admit It was easy to slip into laziness in the midst of nausea, fatigue, and aching hips. During Halloween, candy seemed like the most amazing thing ever. And I didn’t care, really. I was supposed to eat after all.

I have had a hard time being active consistently since Baby W was born, but I can do this. Just need to stay organized with everything. My body just did its thing to create life, now I’m going to do my thing to feel good.

I’ll start with step one. That is: get rid of this food poisoning and head ache.

Day 3

Hey, so in the midst of this ravenous appetite that doesn’t let go by eating what I’m supposed to, I’ve managed to discover that in the past four years even technology solutions I’ve not liked in the past have gotten better. Much better.

I put my polar heart rate monitor on yesterday to work out on the elliptical at our subdivision club house. Well, lo’ and behold, not only does the heart rate monitor sync up to my watch and phone (if I knew where the dongle was… This is two year old technology), but it syncs to the elliptical. That’s awesome. Effort measured! And of course, I like numbers! Tangible, measurable, conceivable.


Hey, all synced up!

Now, I confess I owned a Fitbit for a week and then returned it. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, mostly just an expensive pedometer. Now, I slightly regret giving up on it. MyFitnessPal, as it turns out, has a pretty nice app to track calories and activities. The Fitbit would have synced with it and calculated calorie burn for me based on my activity level.

Fitbit is no bodybugg in accuracy, but I don’t think BodyMedia fully actualized the leap to smartphones and was acquired by the ever-struggling Jawbone. They have the chance to do something amazing, calculate calories burned based on the actual effort, not pedometer readings. But alas, since the acquisition, even the Up 3 hasn’t hit the market.

My ten year old bodybugg was better in so many ways than Fitbit and far ahead of its time. It just got lost in the giant shuffle and I’m sad about it. There’s nothing like it in the market right now as far as my Google-fu can tell.

I digress. MyFitnessPal has improved a lot since I last used it on PC. In fact, it sucks using it online. Entering things via my phone? Easy! Verified foods? Easy! Someone else went through the effort to figure out the calories in Whole Foods’s Golden Age Boule? Easy! I have so far found every single food item I eat on their search.

So, I paid for their subscription for a month. If I like it, I’ll buy the year. If not, bye bye subscription and ten bucks I’ll never see again.

I have numbers to obsess about. I love it!

I lied – Amended Update

Ok, milk monster is not asleep and mommy is dieting by being chained to the bed. I’m dreaming of fridges already.

Day 1

I realized just a few minutes ago that I told my husband there would be sweat and hard work this morning. There was, don’t get me wrong. I hauled eighteen pounds of wiggly between the stairs plenty. The number of times I did a squat from the couch and then walked to the changing table and back warrants at least an honorable mention in the exercise category.

I’m starving, so that is not as awesome, but according to my recently resurrected myfitnesspal, I’m eating just right to lose two pounds a week. Since my boobies are gloriously producing enough liquid to feed triplets, I’m not super worried about cutting calories and still feeding little W (does it make me a jerk of a mother if I want to call him dubyah?). We will see if the panic of reduced milk flow sets in soon. I worry about having to use formula.

Anyway, off to eat another 500 kcal as the milk monster finally fell asleep! Perhaps he will continue to sleep through the night. Alas, the gym completely escaped my mind today.

Bonus baby onesie foot-ends. I find these adorable and probably part of the reason I’m entirely too disorganized all the time. Stop distracting me with cute!


Miss me?

No, yes, maybe? Well, either way, tomorrow it will be on! Where am I now? 370 goddamn pounds post partum. As adorable as my boy is, mommy needs to look like a professional chubmuffin, not a mommy that ate a few too many almond croissants the last two trimester.


Well, it’s been a few months…

It’s been a while. Let’s get the good statistics speak for themselves:

Weight: 282.6 lbs.
Running distance: 3,5 miles (and increasing!)
Fitting into: my size 22 silver jeans beautifully. In fact, just bought myself size 20’s and can’t wait to fit into them!!! (and these are true to their size, dammit!! So go fuck yourself, Old Navy for letting me lie to myself for so long.)
Circumference measurements: the same. I am not seeing much difference in the inches, oddly enough, in the clothing quite dramatically.

I have been pretty quiet. Mostly, I went through a pretty sever bout of depression. I had intense love-like feelings for a person, which soon turned into intense my-heart-is-broken-and-I really-don’t-want-to-talk-with-anyone, my mother fell very ill and I have been worried sick about her, then I felt lonely (so I subscribed to that unhealthy friends-with-benefits) and moving to a new places has been great, but I’ve needed to find my own routines again. I think there were a few weeks of binging there, too. Helloooooo dairy queen! Hello 10 lbs weight gain! In general, I’ve just needed my own time to explore new things, get my mind off of the old, and let go. I’ve needed to gather up some energy to get pumped up about losing weight again!

So, my GF Kelly and I have started up our hiking again, I’ve been running, and going to the gym for the past few weeks pretty intensely.  It’s definitely over with my fwb’s, and I haven’t even talked with my ex-boyfriends.  There’s just room for new things, and more room for me.

I downloaded this weight-loss simulator, and I have been following my food intake based on what it was suggesting. So far, I’m staying right on track, and it helps me stay motivated to keep going. I want to see how accurately it can predict my weight-loss based on my calorie intake. Although, I made the chart for someone that is sedentary, I’ve had to work-out a lot to get to the numbers!!!

I keep going out on runs. I keep getting lost in the damn suburbs! It’s actually quite fun. I’ve decided that every time I get lost (which, after two months, you’d think I know not to get lost 0.2 miles from home), I just have to run until I get to where I was planning on.  That… and I am pretty excited to be on track again. I hope this renewed gusto sticks with me more than a few weeks! 🙂