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Mothering and exercise

I truly admire any working mother with an infant that has any energy to work out after a baby has woken up three times in the middle of the night to feed, and other general shenanigans.

I am so tired and worn out that even coming to work has been challenging. I’m just asking that my sweet little baby would just sleep a few more hours at a time before waking up. Exercise? I can make time for it, but I have no energy at the moment. I’ve gone to bed extra early because I’m just that tired, too.

Well, I’ve been eating okay, so yay for that. 354 lbs. Staying on track! This sleep deprivation will change, too.


Mom just keeps going!

I’m on fire! Someone bring water! In other words, I’m doing awesome and I’m thirsty. I just want to celebrate 9 day streak and doing awesome at work on my projects that I’m in charge of. Not too bad. I even pump at work now with no shame or trying to hide the sterilization bag for all the parts. That’s a small win.

Most importantly, I just enjoy every minute I get to hang out with my tiny little baby boy. He is such a sweet little snugglemonster and I can’t wait to hold him in my arms as soon as  he and his daddy get home, which means I had better get to the gym at the club house if I want to sneak in a work out.

Man, staying uber organized here just to survive!